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The Cartersville Service League is a 501c3 non-profit organization made up of 41 diverse women who have been committed to the goal of fostering and promoting involvement in and support for the social, economic, educational, cultural, and civic organizations of Bartow County since 1941.  We are a compilation of single ladies, working women, and stay at home moms all with hearts geared toward service.

2021-2022 Executive Board

  • President: Cassie Gibson
  • 1st Vice President: Melissa Grinage
  • 2nd Vice President: Lori Shook
  • Recording Secretary: Jennifer Morris
  • Corresponding Secretary: Kathy Hall
  • Treasurer: Andria Hertel

Current Members List

** Denotes Executive Board Member; * Denotes Board Member 

Class of 2016

  • Abbey Culverhouse: Not Pictured
  • Cassie Gibson: President**
  • Melissa Grinage: 1st Vice President**, Revisions/Long Range Planning Executive Chair
  • Andria Hertel: Treasurer**
  • Jennifer Morris: Recording Secretary**
  • Lori Shook: 2nd Vice President**, Revisions/Long Range Planning
  • Stacey Wall: Not Pictured

Class of 2017

  • Lizzi Galland: Fern Sale Co-Chairman*
  • Leslie McMillan: Fern Sale Co-Chairman*, Revisions/Long Range Planning Committee
  • Kathy Hall: Corresponding Secretary**
  • Kelly Young: Not Pictured
  • Lisa Hamilton: Project Search Committee, Nominating Committee*
  • Michelle Martin: Sponsorship Committee, Christmas Luncheon Assistant

Class of 2018

  • Mackenzie Edwards: Ferns, Christmas Luncheon Co-Chairman
  • Danielle Graham: Poinsettia Sale Chairman*
  • Linda Fleetwood: Sponsorship Committee Chairman*
  • Heather Jackson: Social Services Chairman*, Project Search Committee
  • Katie McCurry: Rummage Co-Chairman*, Revisions/Long Range Planning

Class of 2019

  • Tanya Brown: Fundraising/Social Events Committee Chairman*
  • Kyra Green: Rummage Sale Co-Chairman*, Revisions/Long Range Planning, Photography/Scrapbook
  • Tori Brumlow: Public Relations/Director of Communication Chairman*, Project Search Committee

Class of 2020

  • Holly Finnemore: Rummage Sale Committee
  • Anne Sheffield: New Girl Mentor, Chaplain
  • Adrienne Stoner: Fundraising/Social Events Commitee Assistant
  • Jennifer Jennings: Poinsettia Sale Committee, Revisions/Long Range Planning Committee
  • Macie Hackney: Social Services Committee
  • Jennifer Gross: Fern Sale Committee, Christmas Luncheon Co-Chairman
  • Robbin Hurley: Volunteer of the Year, Project Search Committee
  • Bess Womack: Social Services Committee

Class of 2021

  • Kristin Campbell-Fundraising/Social Events committee, Poinsettia Sale Committee
  • Leah Chitwood- Fundraising/Social Events committee, Sponsorship Commitee
  • Kelly Harrison- Fundraising/Social Events committee, Revisions/Long Range Planning Committee
  • Tamera Jones- Fundrising/Social Events committee, Fern Sale Committee
  • Sydney Lutjens- Poinsettia Sale Committee, Social Services Committee
  • Hannah McClain- Fundraising/Social Events Committee, Christmas Luncheon
  • Shannon Peters- Fundraising/Social Events Committee, Sponsorship Committee
  • Jordan Poole- Fern sale Committee , Social Services Committee
  • Kaylin Ross-Project Search, Rummage Sale Committee
  • Heather Smith- Poinsettia Sale, Rummage Sale Committee
  • Laura Stephens- Poinsettia Sale Committee, Sponsorship Committee
  • Susan Stephens- Rummage Sale Committee, Sponsorship Committee

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We are always looking for enthusiastic, motivated, and talented women to join us in our cause!


From 2021-2022 we:
• Had 41 Active Members
• Donated $43,390 locally
• Volunteered 3,000+ Hours


Cartersville Service League
P.O. Box 1678
Cartersville, GA 30120